The Sad Truth About Animal Testing

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I’m a sucker for hounds.  It started early for me when my father brought home a box of beagle pups someone had left at the dump. All were adopted except for one who we got to keep and named Chipper.  My favorite memories of Chipper were of my sister singing to him and him howling away in unison while my mother yelled at her to “stop hurting that dog’s ears”.

I love those soulful eyes, long floppy ears and funny personalities.  When my husband and I adopted Abby, a Treeing Walker Coonhound rescue from Kentucky, all those hound memories returned.  She’s a delight.  Mellow and a cuddle bug, she’s a great first dog for my husband.

Fast forward to a few months ago when I came across a video put out by the Beagle Freedom Project, of beagles they had rescued from a lab.  The beagles had been used for animal testing of consumer products, and had never set foot out of their laboratory cages.  They were free, but frightened to set foot on the grassy area they had been brought to.

Imagine my horror when I recently learned that not only do companies that make things like deodorant and shampoo test on animals, but so do pet food companies.  You read that right.  And I don’t mean food testing.  I find it unspeakable that the companies that claim to care about animals by manufacturing “wholesome” food behind the scenes are harming them.

Our website makes a concerted effort to carry mostly USA made products for reasons of safety – the quality control is most often better in this country – as well as for recognizing and supporting the manufacturers that are keeping  jobs home and producing outstanding product.  We deviate from that occasionally to carry quality products like the Nina Ottosson dog puzzles from Sweden.

We’re now adding another layer of scrutiny to our products, and will not carry products of any company that we know tests on animals.  While I won’t name names here (you can click on our Facebook link and find the full list put out by the Beagle Freedom Project), surmise it to say that some very good companies in the area of pet food have been deleted from our site.

Although it hurts us to make this move from a financial standpoint, we will never waiver from our guiding principle upon which this website was conceived and built.  That the safety and quality of life of animals comes before all else.  Principle first, profit second. We are steadfast in our mission and we hope that you will support us.

We still carry a multitude of very good products, and are continually watching and researching companies to see who’s behaving and who is not.  We will monitor and edit our products as necessary. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns.

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We love animals.  We want to get it right.  And I think most times we do.


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