Is Your Cat An Eco Pet?

We’re all aware of growing environmental concerns – everywhere we look there’s talk of reducing our carbon footprint, green this, organic that.  The trend toward being green, natural, and environmentally responsible is now being seen in the pet products market.  What does it all mean? How can your cat be an eco pet?

Did you know that there are “green” choices that you can make that will not only positively affect the planet but also your pet? We all know that eating better food plays an important part in our own health. And we’re probably aware by now that the same holds true for our cats. But in addition to food, everything our cat comes in contact with in their environment can affect their health – for better or worse.

After my 4 year old cat was diagnosed with cancer and lost her eye as a result, I became vigilant about the kinds of things I bring into her world.  Of course there’s no guarantee that buying only natural, organic and green products will mean your cat will never get sick.  I believe, though, that as we “green up” our lives we should make every effort to do the same for our cats when it comes to health, nutrition, sanitation, and recreation.

Many more products are now being made from nontoxic materials, organic ingredients and/or recycled, reclaimed, biodegradable, and sustainable ingredients. Most all of these products are of much higher quality and are safer for your cat than the standard products you will find out in the general marketplace.

For those of you who think environmentally-friendly means not so good-looking, your cat can be green and still be stylish, as most all of these products feature beautiful, unique design. Think of designer-fabric cat beds and soft fleece toys made from recycled plastic soda bottles, elegant cat scratchers made from recycled cardboard, and beautiful food dishes made from recycled glass.  These are just a few….

There are a few “drawbacks” to these products.  They can cost a little more than your standard products and the good ones can be hard to find.  Remember, though, that because these are higher quality, they will last longer, and you can’t put a price on your cat’s health.  In the end, you may well save on vet bills.

To help you sort through everything, we’ll feature some of the best products we find right here. So come back often and check them out.

And for those of you with room at home and in your heart, the ultimate way to “go green” is to adopt a deserving cat from your local shelter.  Check out the link to the right and browse through the photos.

Make 2011 the year you plan to reduce not only your own carbon footprint, but also your cat’s carbon pawprint in the hope that you’ll make their lives healthier and happier in the process.


Happy New Year to all of you and your cat(s)!


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