Safe Pet Products

How do you know if the products you buy your pet are safe?

Many pet products contain some very unsafe things:

Arsenic and lead in pet toys.  BPA in food dishes, pet toys, pet bedding and pet food containers.  Phthalates in vinyl toys.  Dyes that are toxic.  Catnip treated with pesticides.  Pet bedding fabric treated with toxic chemicals.  Toy parts that can come loose and choke your pet.  Food and treats that are suspect.  The list goes on….

Our pets depend on us to keep their world safe.  Fortunately, we’ve made that job easy for you.

All of the products we carry adhere to these important criteria:


Safety first.  It doesn’t matter how cute or fun a toy or product is if it isn’t safe.  We maintain very strict standards for the toys, accessories, food and treats that we carry.  First and foremost they must be safe and non-toxic.  It’s the one thing that we will never waiver on – ever.  If we wouldn’t buy it for our own pet, we won’t carry it.  Period.


We believe a good product should last – and last.  You’re spending a little bit more to get something well made, something that won’t have to be replaced in a month because your dog or cat destroyed it – or worse – it harmed your pet because it was poorly made.  We think of the products we carry as investment pieces.  Some are even guaranteed – for life.


Just what does eco-friendly mean?  It means that the product is made from recycled, reclaimed, organic, and/or natural ingredients (containing no artifical ingredients or questionable chemicals).  That it has been sustainably produced and/or locally made.  We believe strongly in making a contribution to the planet by being eco-friendly wherever we can, because it’s better for your pet.


You won’t find most of what we carry in your local pet store.  We search high and low to find products that are unique and well-designed.  Products that will fit into any home and please any pet.  The comment you’ll most likely hear when you buy one of our products is “Wow, where’d you get that??”


We don’t dispute that there are many products made in countries outside the USA that are innovative, unique, eco-friendly, and safe for pets.  In fact we carry a few of them ourselves, such as Nina Ottosson’s dog puzzle toys made in Sweden.  Yet we also know that the majority of pet products, unfortunately, are made in countries like China where there is little, if any, quality control and a track record of numerous safety issues.

There are hundreds of skilled US manufacturers that offer pet products made with materials, craftsmanship and quality of the highest standards.  Given the quality – and quality control – of these products, we feel a sense of obligation to help keep American workers employed in these tough times.  Therefore we have chosen to offer USA-made products wherever possible. 

Our goal is simple – safety for your pet, peace of mind for you.  We’ve done all the hard work.  Relax and know you are buying the best that’s out there for your pet.

The Team at Pets Go Natural