Which Bowls Are Best For Your Cat?

resized cat bowl

If your cat could talk, here’s what he/she would tell you:

  • I prefer my whiskers not to be squished when I eat.
  • I’d like my own bowl, please. No sharing for me.
  • Nothing plastic – hate to tell you, but it stinks!

Cats are finicky, but most often there is a reason for it.  And when it comes to food bowls, size does matter.  A cat’s whiskers are extremely sensitive, and if their food bowl is too small or too deep and their whiskers touch the sides, it irritates them. A lot. To the point they won’t eat as much.  Who knew.

Plastic bowls can harbor scents of old food, residual smells of dishwashing liquid, or worse yet, bacteria. Yech! And ceramic is just too iffy. It is prone to cracking, and oftentimes can contain lead.

As to cats wanting their own bowl, well it’s sort of a territorial thing. But I like to think of it as just laying a small claim to being an individual in a multi-cat household.

Stainless steel and glass bowls are the best, safest choice of bowls for your cat.  Like this Dr. Catsby’s Food Bowl for Whisker Relief.

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