What is the Best Food for Cats?

resized cat declaw

We all want what is best for our pets, and a frequent question is “What is the best food for cats?”  Although there is no one answer, since every cat is different with a different set of issues, the one reality for all cats is that they should be fed a species-appropriate diet.  And one way […]

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Looking for a Safe USA Made Dog Jerky Treat?


Looking for a jerky treat you can feel confident giving your dog?  Given the ongoing issues with imported dog jerky treats which led to over 1,000 dog deaths and over 5,000 reported dog illnesses, many pet owners are understandably wary about giving their dog jerky, for fear of harming their pet.  Fear no more.  At […]

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Why Tennis Balls Are Dangerous For Your Dog

resized dog tennis balls

No doubt about it, tennis balls are not the best choice  – and can be downright dangerous – when it comes to playing fetch with your dog.  Here’s why. Many tennis balls, even surprisingly those marketed as “pet tennis balls” can contain toxic materials in the glue and high amounts of lead in the lettering on […]

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Dog Afraid of Thunder?

Dog Anxiety2

Is your dog afraid of thunder?  It can be heartbreaking to witness – and in some instances downright dangerous. Signs of Dog Anxiety As a storm approaches your dog hides, cowers, shakes, barks, or is otherwise agitated – and petrified.  In extreme cases, your dog may try to escape – bolting through any open door into […]

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