Buckle Up Your Cat For Safety

resized cat in car

Cats are an important member of the family, so any product that makes safety a priority gets high marks from us.  One such company, Meowme has created Sleepypod, and solved two common problems with one revolutionary product.  A bed that’s a carrier, and a carrier that’s a bed.

Many cats – mine included – associate their carrier with negative experiences since most times the only time they are in it is when they go to the vet.  Sleepypod is an ingenious product that allows your cat to travel in its own bed, hopefully reducing the stress of travel by allowing your cat to remain in something that is both familiar and comforting to them.

The bed/carrier features a unique mesh dome top that can be easily opened to place your cat  inside – no more trying to stand a carrier on end and fumble with metal doors while the cat struggles to escape.

Once home, the top easily is removed and your cat has their bed back.  In style.  My cat often likes to hide out in her carrier once back from the vet, but who wants that ugly thing in the living room.  This – a work of art.  It’s a beautiful pet bed on its own.  Add the carrier aspect – genius.

There’s even more – Sleepypod also functions as a safe car seat.  Just secure the lap belt around the carrier, and the shoulder belt through the handle.  No more worries about the cat carrier flying off the seat if you need to stop quick.

The carrier comes with washable plush bedding, and includes accessories such as the Air Mesh hammock for warmer days or climates, a Warmer Pad for use with a wall adapter or auto adapter for colder climates, and a Cloudpuff blanket to make an even cushier nest.  It has a water-resistant foam liner, and is made of luggage-grade nylon.

We think this is a great product, and so do alot of other people.  Sleepypod has won awards from Cat Fancy, Metropolitan Home, and Pet Product News to name a few.

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