Toys For Cats – The Importance Of Kitten Play

Studies have shown that the environment in which a kitten grows up has a huge impact upon the type of cat that kitten will become.  Toys for cats take on new meaning, as researchers stress the importance of play, especially for indoor cats.

When many people think of cats, the first image that pops into their head may be that of an overweight, lazy, inactive being that eats and sleeps the day away. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Just watch a group of kittens – or even a single kitten when they are very young – their natural instinct is to play.  If more than one, they will play in a group, chasing each other, biting, attacking each other, all in the name of play.  Absent another kitten to play with, they may try to play with the family dog, or if no other animal lives in the household, they’ll want to play with you!

Kittens are no different than young children in both their need for play and how it enriches their life.  Play prepares them for adulthood by teaching them basic skills and gives them much needed exercise, helping to prevent obesity and illness down the road.

There are lots of great toys for cats.  Stay away from tinsel, paper clips, rubber bands and the like.  Be careful of toys with small pieces that could come off and cause a choking hazard, or of string/yarn on toys that could accidentally be ingested. Get an assortment of good, quality toys.  They’ll last longer and be safer.

A benefit of spending time each day playing with your kitten is the bond that will form naturally as you interact together.  Your kitten will grow into a more attached, lovable cat rather than an aloof being.  It’s no accident that kittens that are not interacted with on a regular basis can grow up to be shy and reclusive, since they were not taught to interact and become part of the family at a young age.

Spending just 10 minutes a day to play with your kitten can develop into a wonderful, enriching, healthful ritual for both of you!

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