Need A Tough Dog Toy?

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Have an aggressive chewer and need a tough dog toy?  How about one that’s guaranteed tough or you get your money back?
Finding a safe toy for a dog that chews is a challenge, never mind finding one for an aggressive chewer.  With these dogs, some chew toys will last days, some merely hours.

Enter Tux.

Although no dog toy can honestly say it’s indestructible, this one comes close.  It’s durable, interactive, safe, and reasonably priced.  As to the toughness claim?  If your dog damages or destroys the toy, you get a free replacement or your money back.  Less than 1% of these toys have been returned, which tells you something.  It’s tough.
Made in the USA, Tux is non-toxic – it contains none of the scary things some dog toys do – lead, cadmium, mercury, latex, phthalates,  hormones, bisphenol A, asbestos.  It is also FDA compliant, and made to be recycled.

Aside from the safety part we worry about as pet parents, just as important, your dog will love this toy.  It comes in 3 bright, cheery colors, it bounces, and – perfect for summer –  it floats.  It can be tossed in a game of fetch, and it can be stuffed with treats – or not.  Trying stuffing it with peanut butter and freezing it.  Your dog will love you for it!

Last but not least, clean-up is easy – it’s dishwasher safe.

In my opinion, this is the best toy around for a dog that chews.  Buy one, or two, or all three colors for your dog, and I bet you – and your dog – will agree!  If not, you get your money back.  Not a bad deal these days!

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