Eco-Friendly Fleece Toys For Cats

I love toys for cats that are made in the USA.  And lets face it – they’re becoming harder and harder to find nowadays.  Just take a look the next time you are out.

Find a toy made in the USA that is also safe and eco-friendly, and you’ve got a winner.  Fleece toys for cats are great, since cats are natural cuddlers and often sleep with their toys.  It’s a good idea to have one or two of these in the toy box.  It also makes a great first toy for a kitten because fleece is so soft.

There is alot of concern about pet toy safety lately, and the lack of standards that allow toys to contain high levels of lead and other dangerous substances.  More and more pet parents are now looking for toys that are durable and fun, but also are safe.  Our pets are like family, and give so much back to us.  They deserve only the best.

The fleece toys by West Paw Design are some of my cat’s all-time favorites.  We have three at the moment.  And most of the time they’re not in the toy box.  They’re under the bed, on the couch….  That’s the mark to me of a successful toy – one that the cat takes out of the toy box to play with on their own!

They are perfect size for carrying, wrestling, and rabbit kicking.  Lightweight, easy and fun for your cat to throw.  Since they’re made of fleece, they’re also soft for nuzzling once playtime is over.

Aside from being cute, colorful and fun, West Paw’s fleece toys have been tested and certified safe by a Oko-Tex, a 3rd party ecological certifier that rigorously tests every part of each toy for over 100 potentially harmful substances.  Each toy also comes filled with USDA certified organic catnip, so you can be sure that your cat is not being exposed to the chemicals or pesticides found in some catnip.

The toys are made from an eco-fabric that utlizes 100% recycled fibers, made from plastic soda bottles.  How cool is that?

Fun, healthy, and worry free.  And very reasonably priced.  This is the way a cat toy should be!  Get a couple – they’ll get a lot of use.  These may just become one of YOUR cat’s favorites!

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