Cat Games For Indoor Cats

Want some ideas for cat games to entertain your cat?  Cats need an outlet for their energy, and also need to be stimulated.  For hunters, their indoor life can be somewhat ho hum.  Boredom is one reason that some cats sleep a lot.

Here are a few games to keep your cat busy and happy.  A lot of them are free, and the rest require a few things that are pretty inexpensive, especially compared to the joy you’ll provide.


A definite favorite.  Spread them on the floor.  Make a tent with a few and let your cat have at it.  Your cat will likely spend hours pouncing and tearing away.  Just make sure you’ve read the paper before trying this one!

Moving Lights

I’m not a fan of laser toys given that they can be harmful to a cat’s eyes.  Considering that my cat only has one eye now, lasers are a definite “no no” in our house.  However, she is fascinated with light, and the sun catching my phone serves the purpose.  A watch will do just fine too.  Direct the light up the walls, along the floor, and let your cat chase and jump away.

Catnip and CatnipToys

A perennial favorite, everyone surely has at least a few in their house.  These are great to play “catch” with.  Make your cat stretch a little to catch the toy to get them some exercise.  Here’s one of our favorite – made in the USA of course!

Catnip can get stale, so refillable toys that you can refresh as needed are great.  As is catnip that comes in a tin to keep it fresh longer.  We love From The Field catnip in it’s own tin for just that reason.

If you don’t want to deal with refillable toys, buy several toys and rotate them to keep them fresh.  Another great solution is catnip rejuvenator spray.

Cats love to play hide and seek.  Play around corners with your cat just as you would a child – cats love it.  Imitate how prey appears and disappears.  Or play with a mouse or other toy under the blanket.  Your cat will attack the object just as they would with prey, so watch your hands!

Boxes and Bags

The old standby.  Great for hide and seek games as well.  Be sure to cut the handles off shopping bags and use only paper, never plastic bags.

If you want to spend a little money – just a little, not a lot – Catty Stacks makes great cat “furniture” from recycled corrugated material.  The units can be stacked to make all sorts of great condos and play houses that your cat will love.

Scratching Posts

Scratching Posts are necessary to save your couch, but also are great playthings for a cat.  Get one that’s sturdy enough you won’t fear it will tip, and slather it with catnip.  Some scratching posts even have “seats” on top.

One of the best that we have seen is the Smartcat Ultimate Scratching Post which is very sturdy and tall – 32″.  You can also buy a “perch” accessory so that your cat can sit on top of it.  Very cute.

Wand Toys

Cats are fascinated by things that move in the air or on the floor.  That’s one reason that wand toys are so popular.  A great game – and great exercise for us pet parents too! – is to run up and down stairs with this, and let the chase ensue!  My cat loves this game.

Wand toys should only be used under supervision though, as your cat could choke on the object at the end or become entangled in the string if left alone.  A good quality toy is important, so that parts don’t fray or come off and choke your cat.  Here’s one of our favorites, made in the USA.


We call Cailie the “shadow cat” because of her love of shadows.  Similar to the patterns light makes on the wall, she is fascinated by the “puppet shows” we put on for her with our hands.  Try it – you just might have found a new game!

Have fun with your cat – cats love to play – and they need to.

Leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite games are with your cat.

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