Q. What’s the difference – why should I buy natural products instead of what’s available at the pet store?

Oftentimes, what’s at the pet store is severely lacking in quality – and quality control. Next time you are there, take a careful look at the tag and see what a product is made of and where it is made. Not only may you be wasting your money buying a cheaply made product, but you may be putting your pet at risk depending what is in that product – lead, BPA, phthalates, etc.

All of our products are screened for safety and are toxin-free. To read more on the subject click here.

Q. Doesn’t buying natural cost more?

In some instances yes, in some instances no. For example, premium pet food will cost more than what you can buy in the grocery store. But you will be feeding less of it, so on a per serving basis it really isn’t that much more expensive.

Often, you’ll find your pet is healthier on a better diet, resulting in fewer trips to the vet. Natural products other than food contain no toxins, which are harmful to your pet, and that – is priceless!

Q. Are natural products safe?

Mostly yes. However, as with any product that you put on your pet or give to your pet, you should consult your veterinarian. Your veterinarian knows your pet best, and should always be kept in the loop, as certain products, although safe, may be harmful to pets if they are elderly, sick, young or if the products are used incorrectly.

Q. Why am I being brought to Amazon when I check out?

We have chosen to use Amazon for check out to bring you the same peace of mind that you get from buying our products. You will be able to check out with the information stored in your Amazon account to complete your purchase quickly, conveniently and securely and without having to share your financial information.