Why Natural?

So just what is “Natural”? How is it different from “Green”? Why is it important?

Natural, organic and eco-friendly products are safer, healthier versions of standard pet products on the market.  Incorporating these products in your pet’s life – adopting a “natural” lifestyle – can help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

The terminology can get confusing, so we’ve listed some of the common terms to help you understand the difference.


Derived from natural ingredients, natural products are free from artifical ingredients and additives.  Since natural is not a regulated term it is loosely used, so read the label.  It is most often used in food and food products such as treats.  Products that do not contain artifical colors, flavors, or other additives, might be considered natural.


Recycled, recyclable, and reclaimed products are made with materials that have been used before, and then are repurposed into a new product.  Some pet beds use plastic bottles to create material for the bed filling.  Some companies guarantee their toys.  If they do get damaged, they will take them back, replace them for free, and recycle the old toy.  Some companies use reclaimed cotton in the production of their dog clothes, such as dog sweaters.  All this is considered being “green”.


Look for products that are “USDA Certified Organic” which means that the product is free from chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or finishing agents that are harmful to both your pet and the environment.  Popular organic products are pet foods, organic catnip, and hemp collars.

Aside from helping to save the planet, your pet will be healthier – and therefore happier – when you buy “eco-friendly” products.

Our mission is to find the very best natural, organic, and eco-friendly dog and cat products on the market, and bring them to you – all under one roof – so that you can feel good about what you buy your pet!

The Team at Pets Go Natural