Why Tennis Balls Are Dangerous For Your Dog

resized dog tennis balls

No doubt about it, tennis balls are not the best choice  – and can be downright dangerous – when it comes to playing fetch with your dog.  Here’s why. Many tennis balls, even surprisingly those marketed as “pet tennis balls” can contain toxic materials in the glue and high amounts of lead in the lettering on […]

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Are Your Dog’s Toys Safe?


We all love to watch our dogs play.  It feels good to see them run and fetch and chase and just have fun!  And it’s almost as much fun for us, shopping for new dog toys, when we know how much joy our dog will get out of playing with them. There are so many dog toys on the […]

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Need A Tough Dog Toy?

husky resized

Have an aggressive chewer and need a tough dog toy?  How about one that’s guaranteed tough or you get your money back? Finding a safe toy for a dog that chews is a challenge, never mind finding one for an aggressive chewer.  With these dogs, some chew toys will last days, some merely hours. Enter Tux. […]

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How Safe Are Your Cat’s Toys?

resized cat toy

There is a movement underfoot that follows on the heels of the pet food recall, which was a turning point for many pet owners. The recall created a greater awareness not only of what we feed our pets, but also of what we buy our pets that has an effect – sometimes unknowingly harmful – […]

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