Help Your Dog Stop Itching

Poodle Bath

If your dog suffers from dandruff, dry itchy skin, or worse – a condition such as allergic dermatitis – you may think it’s best not to bathe too often.  At least that’s what I thought.  Until I spent the last year of my life with an itchy, allergic dog. Most of what causes problems with […]

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The Hidden Dangers of Cat Litter

resized cat litter

None of us would ever intentionally cause our cat harm.  But many people don’t realize that something as simple as cat litter contains many hidden dangers – to your cat and to you. Litters that contain perfumes as odor control can irritate cats’ eyes and aggravate allergies.  But that’s just the start. Popular among many cat […]

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Buckle Up Your Cat For Safety

resized cat in car

Cats are an important member of the family, so any product that makes safety a priority gets high marks from us.  One such company, Meowme has created Sleepypod, and solved two common problems with one revolutionary product.  A bed that’s a carrier, and a carrier that’s a bed. Many cats – mine included – associate […]

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