What is the Best Food for Cats?

resized cat declaw

We all want what is best for our pets, and a frequent question is “What is the best food for cats?”  Although there is no one answer, since every cat is different with a different set of issues, the one reality for all cats is that they should be fed a species-appropriate diet.  And one way […]

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The Sad Truth About Animal Testing

Beagle Pic Resized

I’m a sucker for hounds.  It started early for me when my father brought home a box of beagle pups someone had left at the dump. All were adopted except for one who we got to keep and named Chipper.  My favorite memories of Chipper were of my sister singing to him and him howling […]

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Grow Your Own Grass!

Cat Eating Grass

Cat grass that is.  Why do cats eat grass?  Cats are carnivores.  No one really knows for sure, although many theorize that eating grass aids digestion.  A little grass may help a hairball move along the digestive track, or soothe a rumbly tummy.  The juices in grass also contain folic acid, which is an essential vitamin […]

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The Power of Flower Essences


Several years ago we had a very unusual – and frightening – occurrence at our house.  Our cat Cailie was happily sunning herself on the kitchen windowseat, a gentle breeze coming in from the screened window as she looked out over our courtyard.  Her back to me as I walked into the kitchen, she let out a […]

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The Truth About Holistic Pet Care

White Lab Puppy

The truth about holistic pet care may surprise you.  The truth is, it’s not an all or nothing proposition.  Mention holistic pet care, and acupucture, chiropractic, herbs, essential oils, and other alternative therapies spring to mind.  Yet holistic pet care is more than that – much more. As more and more people experience the benefits of […]

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