Natural Pet Care

Cat Eating Grass

Grow Your Own Grass!

Cat grass that is.  Why do cats eat grass?  Cats are carnivores.  No one really knows for sure, although many theorize that eating grass aids digestion.  A little grass may...
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The Power of Flower Essences

Several years ago we had a very unusual – and frightening – occurrence at our house.  Our cat Cailie was happily sunning herself on the kitchen windowseat, a gentle breeze coming...
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Dog in Pool

Cool Ways Your Dog Can Beat The Heat

Although dogs do have sweat glands on their nose and pads of their paws, they don’t sweat much.  So unlike us they can become overheated easily.  Overweight dogs, dogs with...
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Are Your Dog’s Toys Safe?

We all love to watch our dogs play.  It feels good to see them run and fetch and chase and just have fun!  And it’s almost as much fun for us, shopping...
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White Lab Puppy

The Truth About Holistic Pet Care

The truth about holistic pet care may surprise you.  The truth is, it’s not an all or nothing proposition.  Mention holistic pet care, and acupucture, chiropractic, herbs, essential oils, and...
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Poodle Bath

Help Your Dog Stop Itching

If your dog suffers from dandruff, dry itchy skin, or worse – a condition such as allergic dermatitis – you may think it’s best not to bathe too often.  At...
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pug in garden

Garden Danger For Pets

Down the street from me my neighbors are getting their house ready for sale.  They’ve had a landscaping crew there for weeks.  Weeding, pruning, planting, and mulching.  Their garden looks beautiful. ...
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Need A Tough Dog Toy?

Have an aggressive chewer and need a tough dog toy?  How about one that’s guaranteed tough or you get your money back? Finding a safe toy for a dog that chews...
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kitten in the litter box

The Hidden Dangers of Cat Litter

None of us would ever intentionally cause our cat harm.  But many people don’t realize that something as simple as cat litter contains many hidden dangers – to your cat...
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cat rolling in grass

Keep Your Cat Safe This Summer

Summer is a great time with vacations, barbeques and fun in the sun.  It should be a fun time for your cat too.  But feline accidents occur in greater numbers during...
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Cat and Dog portrait on a white background

Should You Buy Pet Insurance?

The answer is “It depends”. I know, not what you wanted to hear.  Read on… My husband and I treat our animals as if they are our kids. I would...
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