• How To Stop Your Cat’s Bad Behavior

    How To Stop Your Cat’s Bad Behavior
    Most of us who have cats have had it happen. While walking up the stairs, suddenly out of nowhere appears...
  • Cat Declaw Alternatives

    Cat Declaw Alternatives
    Dogs bark.  Cats scratch. It’s a given, although not a welcome one by many pet owners. Talk to anyone who...
  • Grow Your Own Grass!

    Cat Eating Grass
    Cat grass that is.  Why do cats eat grass?  Cats are carnivores.  No one really knows for sure, although many...
  • Keep Your Cat Safe This Summer

    cat rolling in grass
    Summer is a great time with vacations, barbeques and fun in the sun.  It should be a fun time for your...
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    • So just what is "natural"? How is it different from "green"? Why is it important?


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We became interested in healthier, safer pet products after our cat Scooter became ill and died from a well-known flea treatment.

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